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Bruce Jones is a fine art world photographer who captured these images while on a 2-year trip around the world exploring 20 countries.  He works to capture the uniqueness of the subject while conveying the common threads of humanity.

With his photography, Bruce opens a dialogue about the diversity, beauty, and hardship of our interlocking world.  He portrays the different ways people find meaning and how they explore their own existence through philosophy, religion, and tradition.  He intends to enhance awareness, engage in a visual journey, and provoke questioning of our existence with a spirit of astonishment and hope.

Bruce does not shoot rolls of film on one face or place.  I only take a few photographs of a subject.  I want to capture the person in their element and the uniqueness of the situation without trying to stage beauty.  There is a personal story in every wrinkled face and a history surrounding every landscape.  I hope to share the humanity, laughter, and tears we all have in common as human beings.