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Dahab We arrived here from Luxor after a 24 hour bus ride from Hell!  Click here for more details.   Dahab is a beach town on the west side of the Sinai peninsula with Saudi Arabia about 2 miles across the Red Sea to the east.  This is one of the best places in the world to go diving.  It is also one of the few places in Egypt that doesn't look like everyone has thrown their garbage into the street.  A great place to relax for a week or so.  We ran into a guy from the UK who came for a week to get his beginning SCUBA card, 6 weeks later he found himself working on his Dive Master certification and sending his resignation in to the dreadful weather back in London.  Drop by and visit him.

Beach living and snorkeling on the Red Sea.  Julia went snorkeling, as her cold prevented a SCUBA dive.  Bruce took 2 dives in the Red Sea.  This is the one place in Egypt that we would visit again.  The SCUBA diving is considered the best in the world.  100's of different species of fish swimming around brilliant coral.  It's like going to the best aquarium in the world and mixing all of the fish in a tank and jumping in with them.  Breath taking.  Sorry, no underwater camera.

Views of Saudi Arabia across the Red Sea from Egypt.

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Julia getting her hair braided (Rasta!).  It took 6 hours, which is just enough time to eat dinner and have a group of local girls from the beach make a bunch of bracelets and sucker Julia into buying them.  Why do you think you have been getting gifts from us? :-)  Want to see more of Julia's Hair Adventures?  Click here for the dramatic story.


IMG_2345.JPG (34052 bytes)Ever wonder where Santa Claus goes when he's not at the North Pole wrapping presents, he's hanging out in Dahab serving up yummy reindeer burgers at his restaurant and coffee shop. 

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A little diversion on the way to the port town to ferry over to Jordan.  We dropped a few girls off in the desert with these 2 sheik guys, a camel, and a lot of water for a 3 day trip. 

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