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My World Tour -  Luxor, Egypt:   Valley of the Kings and Queens

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IMG_2300.JPG (30035 bytes) Get on board the train to see the tombs.  Choo Choo!   This is how they transport you from the parking lot to the valley.  Just like Six Flags & Disney World!
IMG_2291.JPG (32059 bytes)Valley of the KingsSo here's the deal.  A lot of tombs, a lot of photos for you to look at.  Sorry I botched the focus, but the colors and images are pretty fun, so click on them and enjoy.  End of Story, no funny punch lines.   The 1st section is the Tomb of Rhamses III, 20th Dynasty.   The 1st photo on the left shows a depiction of the tomb layout.   The 2nd tomb (bottom row) is of Thutmes III, 20th Dynasty.  The artwork in this tomb is interesting and unique because the figures are represented as stick figures and resemble children's drawings.

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Valley of the QueensTomb of Nefertari is hailed as the finest tomb in the Theban necropolis – and in all of Egypt for that matter.  The Tomb of Nefertari was first opened to the public in 1995.   Due to the moisture from breathing and light from photographs, only 100 people a day are allowed in the tomb.  Temperature gauges and pumped in air conditioning have been installed to preserve the tomb.  The photo on the left is in front of her tomb.  The next one is in the valley itself.  The tomb entrances open from the side of the mountain.
Nefertari was one of the 47 wives and probably Ramses II's  favorite as he showed it through building the tomb.  Their marriage was also the marrying of wealth, as she was the ruler of Nubia.  The temple he built for her can be seen at Abu Simbel.


Temples of KarnakKarnak is more than a temple; it is a spectacular compilation of sanctuaries, kiosks, pylons and obelisks, all dedicated to the Theban gods – and to the greater glory of Egypt’s Middle and New Kingdom rulers.  This place is really immense, it looks like a modern prison from the outside walls.

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Temple of Queen Hatshepsut As well as being only the third queen to ever rule ancient Egypt, Hatshepsut declared herself pharaoh - which made her the first woman ever to reign as king.  She won over the priesthood by claiming divine birth (as most pharaohs did) and by assuming the dress and manner of a man - she's depicted wearing the traditional Pharaonic beard in reliefs.  The temple has a 37 meter wide causeway which leads on to the three huge terraced courtsThis is the location of the massacre of 1997.  Click here for more information.

18 meter high Colossi of Memnon.  All that remains of the temple of the hedonistic Amenophis III IMG_2310.JPG (30379 bytes)

IMG_2303.JPG (21237 bytes)No trip to the Valley would be complete unless your guide takes you to his "uncle's" alabaster shop.  Get your stone trinkets of King Tut or a pharaoh's cat.

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