My World Tour - Mykonos Island, Greece 

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Mykonos.  The islandís capital and port are with chick boutiques, houses with brightly painted wooden balconies, and flowering plants cascading down dazzling white walls.  We visited paradise beach, which had itís share of old nude men walking around with things hanging off of their personal parts.

The city is full of churches, which we found out are each built by a family for just their private use.   IMG_0974.JPG (7726 bytes) IMG_0977.JPG (10417 bytes) IMG_0958.JPG (17981 bytes)
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This was our friend Paul's last stop before heading off to the fun of work in the States, we hope we didn't corrupt him too much.  This is Paul giving a big yawn, probably nap time. IMG_0936.JPG (16612 bytes)


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This is an area of destination for cruise ships, so there are too many jewelry shops for our taste, but the island, beach and town were very pretty and relaxing.


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The wind is pretty strong out on the island, so the old windmills still get a good spin.  It sucks us tourists in for a view every time.


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There are no cars in most of the town because of the narrow winding streets.  Only donkeys and scooters have room to navigate.  The streets were designed this way to make pirate invasion more difficult.  A person has a better chance of escaping a bullet if the streets are like a labyrinth.


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Backpacker Julia!!!  Superhero Hi, I'm Julia, your cruise director.  Oh, crap, there goes the ship!! Where did that darn cruise ship go? Is that it over there? I think I'll just sit and think about it for awhile. Maybe I'll just find a cute guy and have a pina colada with him.


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Booohhh, hiss, hiss, the villain on TV.  We needed to constantly be aware of the world travel situation and the status of the approaching war.  Though people in the States were concerned for our safety, we felt much more comfortable being in Europe (especially on an island).  Julia's debit card was suspended because her bank was suspicious of someone extracting money from a "middle eastern country".  Funny how our NATO European allies fall into that category.  Mr. bank man needs a brush up on his geography and history.   Once again, thank goodness for the Bank of Bruce.

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