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My World Tour -   Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Holland)
August 16-21, 2001  Day 2-7
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Life at our first hostel.  A mad dash to find a room in the most booked town in Europe.  We shared our room with these three lassies from Scotland.   The last photo is the day we spent shipping back half of Julia's stuff.

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Traffic life in Amsterdam consists of trolleys and bicycles. Get out of the way of both and the town is a very peaceful place to walk.  There are over 20 thousand bicycles in the city and most look exactly the same (at least to us).  People commute to work on their bike and leave them by the train station.  The cars are pretty small, Julia looks like a giant next to this "Smart Car".  The garage is for bikes only!

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The favorite snack of the locals are a big bag of chips "French fries" and mayonnaise.  There are dozens of chips stands that only sell chips.  You get a nice little wooden spear to keep the mayo off your fingers.


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The Amsterdam architecture is beautiful.  Walking around the city is a site in itself (if you don't get hit by a bike or trolley.)  The last photo shows the guard rails that prevent the cars from parking on the street at night.  They retract into the ground during the day.


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