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My World Tour -   Amsterdam Part 2, The Netherlands (Holland) IMG_0136.JPG (22274 bytes)

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Life in Amsterdam revolves around the canals.  There are more bridges and canals than Venice.  People (and their cats) live on their houseboats on the canal.  The last 2 photos are from the festival hosting the symphony set up on a floating stage.  That scene is actually hundreds of boats and thousands of people packed in tightly on the canal.


IMG_0119.JPG (38614 bytes)   There is a monument for the gay community that was persecuted by the Nazi's during WWII. 

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Our first laundry day only took us an hour to sort out the system of getting coins to buy tokens to buy soap and another token for the machine.  It also gave us time to start reading the manual on the camera, as we didn't know up from down on this thing.


You never know in what parade you might catch yourself.  This skinhead parade was marching thru town, so we thought we would see what the hubbub was about, bub.

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Our first toilet photos feature the outdoor johns of Amsterdam.   Check out the guy on the far right photo, he's just standing right in the street while a festival goes on.  Those Dutch sure aren't shy.  Meanwhile, Julia isn't quite used to the fine art of European living yet.  Like this poor American humor?  Click here for more Toilets Around the World.


Notice any resemblance to the chick in the Matrix?


Welcome to the medieval torture museum.  Almost every major European city has a history of torture to their undesirables, witches, heretics, and bread thieves.  Watch out where you sit in this place.

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