My World Tour:  Jaipur, India:  The Pink City

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163-6310_IMG.JPG (61689 bytes)Jaipur, 163-6318_IMG.JPG (35816 bytes)the vibrant capital of Rajasthan, is popularly known as "the pink city" for the color of the buildings in its wonderful old city.  This buzzing metropolis is certainly a place of wild contrasts and is a feast for the eyes.  Vegetable-laden camel carts thread their way through streets jam-packed with cars, cows, rickshaws, bicycles, motorcycles and pedestrians frantically dodging the incessant traffic.  In the midst of it all, traditionally dressed Rajput men sporting bright turbans and swashbuckling moustaches discuss village politics outside restaurants.  We came to Jaipur specifically to see the Elephant Festival and the Holi Festival.  Unfortunately Bruce got sick during the Elephant festival eating a vegetarian Maharaja burger and chapati chips at Mc Donald's and couldn't play in 164-6478_IMG.JPG (32177 bytes)the Holi Festival.  He was sick only 1 day in 6 months, and that darn yank burger company put him in bed on a big day!

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163-6315_IMG.JPG (32187 bytes)  163-6312_IMG.JPG (43695 bytes)  163-6313_IMG.JPG (26978 bytes) "The largest single piece of silver in the world" made in 1896 AD (BCE) 345 KG (759 lbs) height 5'3"

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