My World Tour:  Jodhpur, India - Village Tour to Bishnoi

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Bishnoi, is a Jain Sect whose belief in the sanctity of the environment and the need to protect trees and animals dates from the 15th century.  You can't eat any meat nor eggs, but you can have some opium on demand.  The photos on the bottom are a baby sleeping under a pink scarf, she's snoozing off a dose of liquid opium.   Well, I heard that the Irish like to give a baby a wee bit of the old whisky to put them to sleep, I guess this works just as well.
This was a family we met in the village.  The taller girl in the blue shirt is 14 and will get married in 2 months to a 15 year old boy in the next village.  Arranged marriages are a typical part of life in India. 172-7244_IMG.JPG (41583 bytes)  172-7245_IMG.JPG (37550 bytes)  172-7247_IMG.JPG (36852 bytes)  172-7252_IMG.JPG (45366 bytes)
172-7229_IMG.JPG (63774 bytes)  172-7206_IMG.JPG (54400 bytes) If you were wondering what do people do with all of that cow poo in the country, they make nice little cow piles which later can be used as fuel.  They look like little pizzas, but don't be fooled.

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