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Here's a brief descriptions of the photos (hover your mouse over the photo, and the name of it will pop up at the left hand bottom corner of your browser)  Photo highlights are below and on the next 3 pages:      Part 2        Part 3        Part 4

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ayurvedic_sign.jpg :  natural medicine here can cure everything from cancer, to warts, to bad breathe:  usually with the same concoction

bruce_beard_turban:  practicing being a maharajah (we actually met one)

bruce_dahl_lunch:  this is what we eat every other day, currie food of vegies and rice with the side of yogurt (which is great to cool of the fire).  Indians mix it all together and eat with their hands.  they look at us like we're freaks eating with a fork!

bruce_julia_throne:  we were invited to a 4 day indian wedding! the groom had this silk outfit made for me and julia had bought the sari previously for just such an occasion.  this is not a "posed photo" at a photo booth, this is the real thing

bruce_rickshaw_driving:  taking revenge in the streets

bruce_rishikesh_river:  this city is the world center of yoga and meditation.  the Beatles came here and found their "guru" yogi guide.  it is at the mouth of the Ganges river, the holiest river in india

bruce_witchdoctors:  this is my guide for the day and some local dude in a village who were certain that I had stomach problems (ha, fooled them, I was the only tourist in india without it!), they said my nipples were out of alignment (measured with a string from my navel). then they pulled on my left leg to straighten me out.  the real nutsy thing is that I actually sat there and let them do this (curiosity gets the best of me sometimes)

budhist_monks_debating: a Tibetan refugee monetary in the south, the monks do this physical act of slapping their hands while debating some higher reasoning (very difficult to explain

budhist_temple_sandles:  take your sandals off before entering the monastery

color_face:  one of the hundreds of festivals.  this one is the biggest nation wide where everyone throws colored powder at everyone and everything all day long

colored_powders:  these are the powders that people put on their forehead and on idols
country_family_pose:  the 12 year old girl in the middle is to be married this summer in an arranged marriage

covered_faces_waterjugs:  women in typical country outfits carrying water from the river to their home

cow_beach:  cows are everywhere, even the beach (I missed the photo of the cow surfing)

cow_bruce_julia:  don't you just love these faces

cow_god_ceremony:  we were lucky to show up on the day when a guru poured milk and honey down the stone cow as an offering to their god

dancing_girl_water_jug:  this was at the elephant festival, very famous dance in the state of Rajasthan  (elephant shots on next email)

dancing_girls_colorful:  more dancing girls at the elephant festival

budhist_monks_sitting:  doing their chanting

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