My World Tour -  Brahma Kumaris  Mt. Abu, India

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It has hosted the International Peace Conference since 1982.
Delegates from over 40 countries, including state leaders and representatives of the United Nations have attended.
The Peace of Mind series of retreats have provided attendees with opportunities to deepen their spiritual practices and learn more about the art of meditation.
Special sessions conducted by senior yogis enables participants to explore the powers of the soul.

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      Our experience that it was a spiritual place to connect with the universe, energy, some use the word God.  Non denominational with a strong personal component of direct contact with God via meditation.  Some of the other teachings were about as off the chart as you can think when you connotate "new age".  To each his own, and we take a certain bit from each religion and philosophy we encounter.  The translations and teachings for the western world are more "down to earth" for our culture than some of the teachings for the Indian culture.  All in all, it was a valuable experience.

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'Bruce being a holy man on top of a mountain

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