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To Toilets Around the World International Toilet Museum in Delhi
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Always good to have a sign to point you in the right direction.
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In Delhi, there has been a movement (pardon the pun) to get people to stop urinating on the sides of buildings, so outdoor urinals have been installed.
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Train toilets are always interesting.  Try the squat method while shaking around on a jerky train some time.  Now that's the only way to travel.  The bottom level is from the Maharaja's train carriage.  He knows how to travel well.
This was the Maharaja's toilet in Udaipur at his palace.  I guess that's where the term "thrown" came from.  161-6111_IMG.JPG (23648 bytes)  161-6114_IMG.JPG (40306 bytes)  161-6109_IMG.JPG (41898 bytes)  162-6240_IMG.JPG (31783 bytes)  160-6094_IMG.JPG (46419 bytes)
162-6291_IMG.JPG (23297 bytes)  162-6296_IMG.JPG (23340 bytes)  162-6297_IMG.JPG (19547 bytes)  162-6298_IMG.JPG (17912 bytes) This is a perfect mesh of squat and sit toilets (in India is would be called Indian and Western toilets).  There are ridges on the bowl to stand on.

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