My World Tour - Florence, Italy

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Florence – Cradle of the Renaissance, home of Dante, Machiavellian, Michelangelo and Medici. 

The Duomo is the world’s fourth largest cathedral.  It was begun in 1294 and took 150 years to complete. It is famous for it's magnificent dome.

Uffize Gallery houses the Birth of Venus.  Outside is a copy of David, as the original is safely indoors after many people have tried to hack at it. Sorry, no photos allowed of the real David. 

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Italian Gelato (one of 5 stops a day)

Italy Supports America

Only Florence bridge to survive WWII

The Duomo

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Prayer Candles (Please God, let Bruce's feet not stink tonight)

Public Square

Parade (nice tights)

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How big can I make my head look?

Mannequin in window (probably Julia's next look)

Italian sentiment

Julia and her love "David"

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Julia, choose ME, not HIM  David !!! Off with her head !!! Rape of the Sabine Woman

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