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My World Tour -   Vatican City 
Sept 20

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Here comes the Pope!  Every Tuesday morning, the Pope (John Paul II) gives a public Mass.  It's to welcome the pilgrims from around the world and to perform a wedding for 20 blushing brides (see left of Pope in last photo).  He Cruises in his white Pope-mobile, driving around the crowd (kind of like a rock star).  We were watching him on the Jumbo Pope-A- Tron TV, then low and behold, here he comes!  We were leaning right on the barricade fence and he came so close he was almost to close to photograph.  I could have touched him.  (though that Swiss Guard would have yanked out his Swiss Army Knife on me and cork screwed me to death).   This little visit granted me at least 1 year of not going to church (got that Mom!)



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The Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museum.  Good holy objects to keep your mind boggled for a while.  About 1 zillion dollars worth of stuff.  (Julia thought she had died and gone to Heaven).  All of the former popes are buried beneath the floor of the alter in case you come to visit and absolve your sins you've collected by reading our heretical writings on this site.

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