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Venice built on 117 small islands with some 150 canals and 400 bridges.  Only 3 bridges cross the Grand Canal.

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Venice is not a city on land but over 100 islands connected by bridges.  We sent Julia on special assignment parachuting to get these shots.

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Beautiful buildings of Venice


Venice is one of the great places for Carnival (called Mardi Gras in the US).  Their long tradition is to wear masquerade masks.  Julia bought this one, and it actually looks like her.  This shop custom made the masks in the movie "Eyes Wide Shut". IMG_0803.JPG (24472 bytes) IMG_0802.JPG (21812 bytes)   Venice at night

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What it takes to become a fashion model in Venice


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The romantic canals of Venice are fun, but at $100 a ride, taking the water bus for $ 2 saves the cash for more yummy food and gelati.


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IMG_0789.JPG (47372 bytes) Piazza San Marco (San Marco Plaza) is enclosed by the Basilica and the elegant arcades of the Procuratie Vecchie, Procuratie Nuove and Liberia Sansoviniana.  San Marco hosts flocks of pigeons and tourists.

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Random photos of Venice, probably nothing new to all of the cheesy postcards that we sent you.

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