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Petra disappeared to the outside world for 700 years before its rediscovery in the 19th century.   This was the trading passage for the spice and slave trade.  High levying for safe passage tools on trade caravans traveling north from southern Arabia started it’s wealth.  Petra later became the sophisticated capital of a flourishing empire.  In 106 AD the Romans took Petra and transformed it into modern Roman life.  In the 5th century AD, trading went to the way side of sailing ships, so the town was no longer significant and was lost.  Movie Factoid:  It is the location of a final scene in “Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade”.


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  Behold, Bruce!  The incarnation of the Egyptian God, Amun Ra! I hate being caught in an ancient place during an earthquake. You can take the girl out of  Texas, but not the Texas out of the girl.  Giddee up little Julia!  


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This kind Bedouin woman and her baby goat came to our rescue when we became lost on a mountain while trying to "take the shortcut" to the temple.  I've never seen anyone move so fast up and down rocks.  She even played a tune for us on her flute.  Below are photos of the the High Place of Sacrifice, a place we may have missed without her guidance.

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High Place of Sacrifice.  Animals were sacrificed here, their blood pooled in the basin, then flowed through a drainage canal, pouring over the high cliff onto the valley below.  These places of animal sacrifice are usually only found in the United States in the basements of Fraternity houses. 


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Ouch, did you feel something fall on your head?   Run!!! Here come the Kiwi's!  No!  Wait!  The party's just begun!


Way up on top of the mountain is the monastery and view of Israel.  Only 45 minutes straight up after climbing thru the rest of Petra first.  These are truly postcard photos of a great building.

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This is Bruce sitting on top of a mountain trying to "find himself" during his journey around the world.  When in Chicago, I told a bartender over a cold one watching the Cubs, that I was going on this trip, he asked me; "Are you doing this to go 'find yourself'"?  Well here I am, found, but still as lost as ever.  At least I'm having a good time and not sitting in his bar.

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Here are 2 more people trying to find themselves... a spot to rest their behind from climbing this frickin mountain!  By the way, Israel is on the horizon.


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The Treasury (rose red),  Royal Tombs, Colonnaded Street (columns erected), built in 106 AD.

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