My World Tour -   Malindi Beach, Kenya

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This is where Julia and Bruce shift gears from 5 months of go, go, go and end up in L-A-Z-Y.  We hooked up with our Canadian (Canook)   friends,   Jenni and Devin, a great couple wacky enough to be on a 14 month world tour, very similar to our own.  We met them in Luxor, Egypt a month earlier and met again after our Kenyan safari.   They picked us up at the Mombassa train station.  Then we were on route to enjoy a 5 hour bus ride in 95 degree heat, a few chickens on board, and 2 bus breakdowns.  They also became part of our month long journey down the Kenyan &Tanzanian coast lines and to the island of Zanzibar for more Wizard, laziness and a few adventures on the sea.

We stayed 4 or 5 days (time flies when you are a lazy slug on the beach) in Malindi, mainly playing cards or cooking and eating food.   These two introduced us to a card game, Wizard, that is like pure crack cocaine, very addictive and such a rush when you get 4 wizards!   We found this Italian condo resort after 2 hours of riding around town in a cab looking at all the hotels & guesthouses listed in Lonely Planet.  We think the $ 5 US dollars a night per person for this sweet set up was well worth it.

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  This is what $ 5 US Dollars a night gets you in Malindi.  It sure beats that rat nest of a dive in Cairo, where we had a dozen mosquito bites at night, and a disgusting bathroom.

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Julia sporting her new beach hat, a gift after Bruce secretly disposed of her goofy, stinky khaki sombrero. Bruce working his fingers to the bone on the laptop.    He was carrying 6 travel books around for 2 months just to record information to give to you ungrateful web viewers.  (send money if you are grateful, ha ha)

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