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My World Tour -   Kenya Safari - Maasai Mara  Scenery and Stories

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Our 7 day safari starts in Nairobi, a place that we were very happy to leave.  It is approximately a 6 hour ride southwest to the Maasai Mara Game Reserve.  We had a scenic stop at the overlook of the Great Rift Valley.  The roads are paved until the last 2 hours, then it becomes a crater field of pot holes so big the driver spent most of his time on the shoulder of the road or driving parallel to the road through the bush instead of on the gravel.  Safari consists of the game drive and camp time.  We were fortunate enough to have a great camp with hot showers, clean toilets (well, a pit, but the ground cover was concrete and was cleaned every day), new tents with comfy foam mattresses, and good food.  The 1st drive was the evening we arrived in the park, and early in the mornings (either 6:30 for a pre breakfast run, or 8 am then we went further into the park and had a picnic lunch).  Most of the predators hunt at night and early dawn when it's still cool.  Midday, most of the cats are laying around snoozing, with the exception of the cheetah, the only daytime stalker.  The Maasai Mara has bumpy dirt roads and can get hot, so get a padded seat, plenty of water and hang on for a great ride.


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On the road from Nairobi to Maasai Mara. The Great Rift Valley.  Locals use the long thorns from this tree as toothpicks.


Merry Christmas from Kenya!


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Our campsite at Maasai Mara owned and guarded at night by a Maasai Warrior.

Hot Showers & Clean Toilets!  An ingenious contraption of boiling the water in a barrel over an open flame and using a gravity system to move the water to the showers.


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Tusker Beer!!! (and trying to figure out the digital camera).  

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Local Airport, Maasai Mara International, complete with a curio shop and outdoor toilet.

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What was that silly statistic about hippos being the animal that kills the most humans in Africa?

Look at me, I am 5 times the size of a giraffe!


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Just a nice shot.

And the Gods have spoken!


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Playing safari in a real van and with real animals.  The experience is so lifelike, they should have one like this at Disney World.


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Here we are at the Tanzania - Kenya boarder (Julia is the "T" and Bruce is the "K").  We don't have a visa to cross, so don't tell anyone we snuck over the boarder.


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Sometimes there are more vans than animals.


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Our safari comrades posing for the customary photo at the gate.  (if someone wants a full size photo, email us)

Dropping by the lodge for a coke and to check the tires (slang for use the toilet).

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