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My World Tour -  Samburu Safari, Kenya:   Scenery

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For all of you Survivor III fans (in the US and whoever else gets it), this is where the series was filmed.  Funny thing:  We left the Samburu camp in the morning, and when we got to our hotel, we had the rare opportunity of having a television.  There was a 10 week recap of the Survivor III episodes, with the setting exactly where we had just safaried & camped.   Now that's reality TV.

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Welcome to Samburu Game Reserve and adjoining parks.  Please, no hooting, keep your camp clean, enjoy the animals and sunsets.


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New Year's Eve at the lodge.  We had a midnight countdown at midnight local time, then again at 9 am local time which was midnight in Chicago.  The safari guide thought we were a bit wacky counting down to 9 am and acting all crazy.


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Pretty weird to have the natural pyramids of Kenya 1000 miles away from the man made Pyramids in Egypt.  Doubt those theories about space aliens now?  Maybe the X-files aren't so far fetched.


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Moon rising over camp in Samburu, Kenya.  It helps to keep an eye on whatever has an eye on you!  "I'm being followed by a moon shadow, moon shadow moon shadow" - Cat Stevens


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The most dangerous creature of them all.  Man. A visit to the coffee plantation.  Have a nice banana while you're here.


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My 8th grade science teacher was right.  If you stand at the equator and watch water go down a hole in doesn't spin down the drain.  20 meters into the northern hemisphere it drains clockwise, and vice versa on the other side of the equator.  That will be 2 American Dollars please.


Our trustworthy safari guide and driver, Peter.  He was fun and catered to our wacky sense of humor.  Amazing how much he can tell you about any animal in 3 different parks.  He took us very close to the action when needed, but didn't obstruct the animals when they were hunting, as did a load of other vans.  (2nd photo of vans blocking the way of a cheetah hunt).  Peter immediately drove away when he saw this happening,  hoping the other guides would follow suit.

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