My World Tour - Camel Trip in Morocco

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Here is our trip from Marrakech thru the Atlas mountains, into the Sahara Desert.  We then rode 1 1\2 hours on camels each way and then camped in the desert!

It was completely black outside by 7pm and were led by the nomads to our site which was just a dot of light from the camp fire.  About 12 midnight the moon came out and it was so bright, we could see well enough to walk around the desert.  There were other nomads with their camels trekking thru the desert as the cool temperatures at night are the only way to make it.  Instead of going into the tents, we camped out under the stars, which seemed to be a billion of them.  We slept on beautiful carpets that were laying on top of the sand.

The nomad guides cooked great stew made of vegetables, chicken and spices and then played and sang traditional nomad songs to us.  It was quite a blast. 

The camel ride was fun, but you sway from side to side so much that your behind gets rubbed something awful, and your back gets thrown out a bit as well.  It was all worth it in the end (ha ha, get it).

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Camp life in the desert was great, dancing, great food, a beautiful sunrise, and the camels were down wind.




Only a face a mother (and Julia) could love!


Bruce is in search of water in the desert.



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Julia and her camel, Ber - ney - ney.  (Look cousin Daron & Kathy in Bay City!  I still have my little pillows!  You'll never get them away from me!)

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Our new friends, the nomads of the desert.  Guess which one of these dapper desert dudes hooked up with one of the girls in our group?

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