My World Tour -   Tangier and Marrakech, Morocco

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Here is our brief 1 day stay in Tangiers, where our tour guide , who looks like Denzel Washington  denzel denzel1, took us thru the windy streets, up on roof tops and thru the shops (of course a rug shop, with some great mint tea).  The people were very friendly (even the ones not selling us stuff).  One cool thing was (not pictured) a little shop where it has a big brick oven baking loads of bread.  The interesting thing was that people make their own dough, then bring it to the shop to be baked.  Tangier is at the northern tip of Morocco, a 2 hour ferry ride from Spain.  After this day, we hopped on the overnight train, the Marrakech express.  (just like the song !)

Tangier – is a major port of entry for tourist and was once home to hordes of the world’s best hustlers.  This is Julia’s 1st experience with haggling and her new found hobby of carpet buying.  She was so excited to buy a carpet, I think I saw her head explode.

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Julia's first encounter with carpet shopping, a dream come true.

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Marrakesh was founded in 1062 AD.  The focal point of the town is the huge square of the medina, when rows of open air food stalls are set up and mouth watering aromas fill the air.  Musicians, snake charmers, magicians, acrobats and benign lunatics take over the rest of the space, all with hustlers, ageing water sellers and bewildered tourists.  It’s brilliant for people watching but if you stand still for too long someone will try to sell you something, dance for your, sing for you or simple drape a large live serpent around your neck.

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A view of the wild bizarre scene below. Night time at the bizarre Have some yummy orange Fanta!

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