My World Tour:  Kathmandu, Nepal

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    Kathmandu is an oasis of western luxuries in the middle of Asia.  I place to really unwind especially if you just had come from the craziness of India.   Now if you are coming straight from the western world, you're experience may seem quite the opposite.  The sights, sounds and smells can lead to sensory overload:  There are narrow streets and lanes with carved wooden balconies perched above tiny hole-in-the-wall shops; town squares packed with extraordinary temples and monuments; and fruit and vegetable markets alive with a  constant throng of humanity.  And then there are the choking dust and fumes and stinking gutters.  (funny how it's dusty an hour after a thunder storm).  For us, it was the former, an oasis of peace compared to India.  One thing we've learned from travel, is that life is all relative. 
    You can actually have 3 choices of deodorant, can eat some ice cream, and you'll even get a pretty good rock band playing cover songs on the weekend.  For some reason people in the streets are trying to sell us Tiger Balm, which is an ointment for sore muscles.  They sell it kind of in a secret manner, right next to the guys trying to sell you hashish.  Just one of those strange things traveling.  Kathmandu has plenty of charm, as it is the capital city where the king lives.  World heritage cites of Bhactapur and Patan are only 20 minutes away.   Kathmandu is the launching pad for those going trekking as we did or to climb Mt. Everest.  Definitely a place to come back down from the mountains to have a nice beer and a yak steak!

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