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It's not every day that you stay at a hotel that the Queen of England had stayed in.  This art deco building hosted Queen Elizabeth in the 1950's and is now a backpacker hostel.  I'd like to see her carry her backpack up 7 flights of stairs!

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Just another break down for us.  He didn't like us taking photos.  It was better than the other bus that the windshield wipers were broken in a thunderstorm, but wouldn't stop.
This is a real tree that grows in NZ.  Pretty easy to see where all of the Hobbits live.

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The bridges are 1 lane shared by the cars, trains and bicycles.  At least they make a good sign to warn you.  A bit harry when you hear the train coming your way while on the bridge. 259-5976_IMG.JPG (25874 bytes)  259-5977_IMG.JPG (37307 bytes)  259-5978_IMG.JPG (57393 bytes)  259-5979_IMG.JPG (41369 bytes)  259-5981_IMG.JPG (26776 bytes)
257-5763_IMG.JPG (38944 bytes)  This was in a hostel we stayed in.  Read the boxes.

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