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At the end of our NZ trip and scheduled to fly out of Christchurch on the south island, we were pretty pooped and tired of hostels.  After 6 weeks of activities we wanted to meet  local people and get to know them while staying in town.  To our luck, we found 2 sets of people that were willing to host us in all of our grand grunginess from travel.   This was our 3rd and 4th time we hooked up with a host family using .  To the left are: Richard, Colleen, Ben and Tom.  Don't forget Rix the cat.  This family not only picked us up at the train station, but gave us our own room, cooked us delicious meals, let us use their internet, but get this... they handed over the keys to their car and sent us out of town on an adventure!  We've heard legends of the Kiwi hospitality, but this one takes the cake.  Not only were they incredibly kind, but Richard (dad and husband) owns a catering company, so he cooked us up some incredible dinners as well!
Our other Christchurch host via Global Freeloaders, was Catherine.  She lived right down town in the happening neighborhood, but unfortunately Julia had caught a cold just before we met her.  But, thumbs up on taking care of a couple weary travelers and driving us around town being a great tour guide!

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