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Lisbon The capital City on the pacific.  They love their tiles so much, the main street is paved with them.

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Mosteiro dos Jeronimos (1496) (it has the high arched ceilings for fabulous photos)

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2nd coach to the embassy of Pope Clement XI .  
The original "Pope Mobile"

Our fine room in Lisbon.  Julia keeps a rose under her nose to remind her of Tyler, Texas & to protect her from Bruce's stinky laundry. 

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Outdoor Juanny (that's Portuguese for Johnny for those like Julia who don't get it), in Lisbon, Portugal.  For more poor jokes and tasteless toilets (ew, that's sick) click here for Toilets Around the World.


City views of Lisbon. The trolley helps with the hill climbing.

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Castelo de Sao Jorge and funky artwork

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