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Here is Seville, one of Hemmingway's favorite places to see a bullfight.  We didn't see one, which is good, as Julia fainted after looking at pictures of the bullfight in a book at the end of the day.  The bull ring is really cool and is one of the oldest in the world

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This cathedral is one of the largest in the world.  It is about 100 feet tall.  The tomb of Christopher Columbus lies there, so they tell us.


The royal crown.  If you look closely in the middle photo, you'll see Julia posing for her coronation she was later destined to have.

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Views of the city from the bell tower of the Cathedral.


The palace where the royal family once lived.  The inside design reflects the Moorish influence of the ruling parties.

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Views of the city at night.  The far right photo is the building that one held all of the gold that was brought back from the Americas.

Julia doesn't remember much of Seville due to her check in at the hotel sicky wicky.

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