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 My World Tour -   Tanga, Tanzania

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Join our heroes, Bruce and Julia, with their travel buddies, Devin and Jenny (Canooks hooked up with on Kenya coast) travel across the boarder from Kenya to Tanzania, stay in a no where village for a few days on the coast and try to negotiate a bus ticket to Dar es Salaam. 

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This is real life travel in Africa.  The bus stop is bustling with people, everyone is pulling at you to sell you a ticket for their bus, the other guy's bus sucks, don't take it.  Buy a bag of peanuts and bananas from me.  A classical example of Bruce and Devin arguing over 50 US cents per person for a 5 hour bus ride.  One guy charges the "tourist price" and the other doesn't, so we pull our bags out of 1 bus (that they threw in before we chose a bus) and tell them to rip up their ticket.  Riddle, "How many Tanzanians does it take to sell the tourist a ticket?  Answer:  "Everyone and all of their brothers".


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Real life Tanzania:  Rural people living in mud and straw huts, dirt roads, tin roof businesses.  Cities are busy and very colorful, just watch where you cross, they drive on the left side of the road.


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Caving with Jenni and Devin.  The spider is the largest we have ever seen, about 1 foot long.  After the cave, our guide takes us to his village to see how they live.  He has someone shimmy up a tree and cut us a coconut, for a drink.  His village makes money by brewing coconut wine.  They brought a bottle over, it looked like a big specimen of semen.    Hapana, Asante. (No thanks.)
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