My World Tour -   Zanzibar Island, Tanzania:   Swimming with Dolphins
Minus Photos of the Actual Dolphins

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We don't want to disappoint the people who would actually like to see the dolphins, but we got so excited about finding them after 4 hours, we immediately grabbed our snorkeling gear and hopped in the water.  So go to another page for some real action, this is just fluff. 

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Fluff photos # 1 Fluff photos # 2


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Fishermen.  The daily life of most people on the island.


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Another day out with our Cannok friends, Jenny and Devin.  Devin's family, Mom, Dad and Brad also hopped in the boat for the adventure.


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Time for roof repair. (I sure do wish it had been this easy with that darn roof in Texas! - Julia)

"Sailing, it takes me away to where I want to be" - Christopher Cross


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 Our friend, Mr. Starfish

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