My World Tour:  Bangkok, Thailand

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Bangkok or Krung Thep which means the City of Angels was constructed in 1782 or 221 years ago.
Presently, Bangkok has approximately 10 million population and it is considered one of the biggest
city in the world.

212-1295_IMG.JPG (624628 bytes)  212-1233_IMG.JPG (59947 bytes) In Bangkok, you never know what may be sold at the market that day.
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Live scorpions at the day market Fried scorpions at the night market, yum
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 How about a rooster for some cock fighting (very popular Thai sport)
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Never know when a live turkey will come in handy. Is that a live rodent in your hand or are you just happy to see me?
215-1529_IMG.JPG (28226 bytes)  213-1339_IMG.JPG (31857 bytes) Our friend Patricia was our host and guide of Bangkok.  She took us all around town

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Monks have a pretty high standing in the community, they get their own special reserved seats on the ferries.  Of course Julia is a pagan, so she sat in their seat!

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The world is a small place, we ran into our 6 country friends, Jenny and Devin in Bangkok, we also found Sheila in Bangkok as well, she makes it to 3 countries on the list.

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