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Aug 9 - 21, 2002  Day 360 - 372
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Bangkok City Floating Markets Wat Pho Lady Boy Show Elephants

 Thailand is a beautiful country with amazing beaches and island for fun in the sun plus adventure in the mountains.  Bangkok is a super metropolis of 10 million people with all of the modern facilities, gadgets and transportation that rivals any western city.  Anything that can be purchased in the west plus more is in Bangkok.  After 1 year on the road, 9 month of that in the 3rd world, we arrived from Nepal pretty exhausted and disheveled.  Luck being with us, a friend of Bruce's brother, Patricia had just moved to Bangkok and hosted us for several weeks while we rested, did some sights and got at least 1 massage a day for 2 weeks straight (massages are 5 USD an hour!).  The city was completely overwhelming as we had just come from weeks of trekking in Nepal, overland trips in Tibet, and 3 month in India.  The skyscrapers, super duper shopping centers and millions of people was a bit overwhelming.  While 2 weeks in Thailand seems like a lot, we just used the time to relax and regroup from the 3rd world.  What a bonus to have air conditioning and a pool at Patricia's apartment (flat), that alone was a pretty big deal to us!

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