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Grand Baazar and a day with Sharon & Tony who we met in Cappadocia while buying carpets (imagine that!).  Sharon & Tony are teaching English at a private school just outside of Istanbul and are originally from Kansas.  Their friends back home think they are living somewhere "Over the Rainbow".  They are also the proud babysitters of Julia's Hukka, Belly Dancing costume and various items from the Grand Baazar.

The Grand Bazaar (Kaplali Carsi) 4000 shops, mosques, banks, police stations, restaurants, and workshops.

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Nurcan & Gokhan entertaining us with authentic food and singing.  Julia's friend, Cigdem from Chicago insisted that we contact them, and we are soooo glad we did!  We were in dire need of a home-cooked meal and didn't even know it.
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Fish dinner with Saadet & Ismail at restaurant on the Bosphorus then dessert at their home. Saadet made Salep, a thick pudding like drink made from tapioca & cinnamon, & chocolate pudding.  Another fine example of Turkish hospitality.  We met them in Fethiye while they were on their Honeymoon.

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Feeding cats

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View from restaurant where we had our Thanksgiving Day Dinner.

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