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Topkapi Palace -  Mehmet the Conqueror built the first palace in 1453 and it was used by many sultans until 1839.  

In, around, and views from Topkapi Palace:  Court of Processions, Ortakapi & Second Court, Third Court, Fourth Court & Harem.

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Harem of Topkapi Palace.  The Harem was used as the Sultan's private quarters and where the family lived.  Notice the beautiful works of tile and the marble bath and toilet rooms.

Ottoman paintings of fun and decadence.

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Royal Sultan garments, most of which are red, so Julia loves them.

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IMG_1662.JPG (21685 bytes)  IMG_1642.JPG (12413 bytes)  IMG_1643.JPG (11127 bytes) Aya Sofya (The Church of the Divine Wisdom) - Emperor Justintine had the church built to restore the greatness of the Roman Empire.  Built in 532, then rebuilt after a fire in 537.   It was the greatest church in Christendom until the conquest of Constantinople in 1453.  Changed into a mosque until 1935 when it was proclaimed a museum.  At one time, it was the greatest domed church in the world.

Carpet Museum

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Ancient Carpet Heaven.  This is where all the Sultan's carpets go.  Julia is sitting by a hut lived in by the Turkish nomad people. 

Ancient Calligraphy

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