My World Tour -   Dogubayzit:  Ishak Pasa Sarayi (palace), and Mt. Ararat, Turkey

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Dogubayzit:  Boarder town to get to Iran.   Day trip to Mt. Ararat, the tallest mountain in Turkey at 5137 meters and to the Ishak Pasa Sarayi (palace).

Ishak Pasa Sarayi (palace):  construction began in 1685 and finished in 1874 it is an amalgam of Sejuk, Ottoman, Georgian, Persian and Armenian styles.  It has 366 rooms, which was once equipped with central heating, sewage and running water.   It had a harem, Hamam, kitchen and a squat toilet with claims to one of the finesse views in the world (too bad I couldn’t find it for a photo).  Noam is doing me a favor by showing this dog why he shouldn't bite tourists

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Ani – ruined city across the river from Armenia.  During the soviet unions period, this area was within the 700-meter no-man’s land imposed by Moscow on the Turkish boarder.  Still a lot of red tape to get a pass to get in.  There were 4 Turkish soldiers on the site watching the boarder with a scope viewing the other side of the river, while the Armenians are looking back.  The soldiers told me that the people who work across the river have come over on holiday to see the site and to say hi with them.  Things are much more relaxed these days.  The last photo is of a church that was struck by lightning and cut in half.


A family's home way out in the country by Mt. Ararat.  Pot belly stove to keep them warm.  They invited us in for some tea.  The toilet is an outdoor closet with no hole.

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Mt. Ararat (Agri Dagi).  -  Supposed home of Noah’s Ark.  The photos attached are quite interesting, but most believe it’s not authentic, but it sure looks pretty cool.

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