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Ephesus The best-preserved classical city in the eastern Mediterranean and among the best places in the world to get a feel for what life was in Roman times.  Its Temple of Diana was counted among the Seven Wonders of the World.   A population of 250,000 it became the Roman capital of Asia Minor.   Ephesus was renowned for its wealth and beauty before it was pillaged by Gothic invaders in AD 262.

St. Paul visited Ephesus many times and lived there for 3 years perhaps in the 60s AD.   He was entrusted with the care of Mary, mother of Jesus, who spent the last years of her life nearby, where her house still stands.  Unfortunately, we didn't read about that until we left town.  Maybe you can plan your trip to Turkey a little better than we did.

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Library of Celsus.  It held 12,000 scrolls.
Great Theatre Holds 25,000 people and is still used for modern concerts.  Elton John gave a performance there in 2000.  

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One of the Roman symbols for Jesus was a circle with was cut into a pie with 8 pieces. For the men looking for a professional woman's services, there were advertisings carved into the sidewalk with a woman's face, a foot to show the way


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Roman toilets with central heating piped in hot water thru pipes underneath the stone seats.  The slaves were also required to have a seat ahead of time to warm up the thrown for the master.
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With the Turkish currency of 1 US dollar equal to 7 million Turkish lire, were became billionaires overnight! Traditional cooking of pancakes.

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