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Southern Mediterranean Turkey Coast:  Fethiye and side trips

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Fethiye and a funny restaurant owner.  His face is on the salt shaker and t-shirt, we think it's funny if you don't Dolmus (mini bus) ride, the best way to get around town

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Karyakoy - One of the ghost towns left vacant from the trade of Greek and Turkish populations after WWII.  Over 2000 stone houses.  We climbed over the top and down the other side to see what there was to see, it started getting dark very quickly, we had consumed all our water, and we had no flashlight.  We almost went down to the sea to flag down a boat to take us to a town.


Tlos Rock cut tombs into the hillside.  The site of yet another ancient city, complete with amphitheatre and sports arena.  The pomegranates grow everywhere and they are very yummy.

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Carpets!!!  This is a "Carpet Factory" where the tourists are taken (usually in the middle of a trip to a ruin, and miraculously end up at a carpet shop, where the guide's "brother or cousin" has a wonderful deal for you).  Many carpets are made at home by the women in the winter, when they don't have to tend to the fields.  There are a couple of great photos showing how silk is spun from the silk cocoons.  The cocoons are floating in very hot water and a handful of silk threads are pulled away until a long stream of a dozen or so threads are pulled and twisted together.  Walla, silk thread.  Verrry Beautiful and Verrry Expensive!!!


Saklikent Gorge- its 18 kilometers long with nice ice-cold mountain water.

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We met Saadet & Ismail at Saklikent Gorge.  They were on their Honeymoon.  We had dinner and got acquainted with them later that night.  They introduced us to Turkish dishes we had not yet tried.  That's a big hunk of bread there!  We visited them in Istanbul a month later, they showed us the sights, had dinner, and we enjoyed desert in their home.

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