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My World Tour -  4 Day Yacht Cruise on Turkish Mediterranean

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Our fine captain, Black Dog and his pet Jake

 Fethiye Southern coast on the turquoise coast of Mediterranean.   This was the starting point of our 4-day gulet (yacht) ride for only $ 100 a person including food.  Such a deal

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Jake pretending he's not watching the women in their bikinis

If I'm fishing for dinner, I'm going to starve

  "Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand, just like the river flowing thru the Rio Grand..." Scene from Titanic It's fun to stay at the Turkish "YMCA"!
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Life on board the ship:  Laying in the sun and going for a dip or ride on a banana
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A boat would pull up in the morning to make yummy pancakes filled with fruit for or cheese and spinach for 50 cents. All you can eat until you pass out and nap on deck.   Blocker making his big move in Backgammon Pretending we're Turkish men playing "tablah" all day long.

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Nothing like a fun swim in crystal clear water.  Sometimes swimming suits are optional.


Butterfly Valley - no butterflies but we climbed up a waterfall, and nearly got stuck.

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Kas Small little town with a fort on it (where Julia bought her dazzling RED head scarf)

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Julia was helped up the hill by this old lady who was 1/2 Billy goat.  Of course she had a basket full of beautiful scarves to sell at a low, low price. (No obligation just because I pulled you up the hill!)  Too bad Julia ruins the negotiation curve for the rest of the gals. Typical scene of old stone house with a satellite dish on it.  Most also have solar panels. Great strategic place to cannon blast away those evil pirate dudes!


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This is the "underwater city", a sunken sea port town.  Not quite Atlantis, but there were a dozen or so buildings under the turquoise water.  No diving allowed.


Oludeniz (dead or calm sea) - where a 2500-meter cliff overlooks the crystal blue water and lagoon.  Bruce went paragliding right down to the beach. 

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