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Demre – Home of St. Nicholas, (later known as Santa Claus). The legend of Father Christmas (Santa Claus in the western world, and Noel Baba in Turkey) is believed to have begun in Demre when a 4th century Christian bishop, later St. Nicholas, gave anonymous gifts to less fortune village girls for their dowries.  He would drop bags of coins down the chimneys of their houses, and this “gift from heaven” would allow them to marry, which is perhaps why he’s the patron saint of virgins.  He went on to become the patron saint of sailors, children, pawnbrokers, holy Russia and others. 

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Olimpos - Home of backpacker tree houses.  We stayed in the famous, Kadir's Treehouse  , once ranked the No.1 hostel in the world.  Great place, double room with bathroom in a tree, breakfast, dinner and a complimentary welcome beer for only $ 7 a day per person.  They have a camp fire every night, music, hammocks, and can watch videos inside if you need to chill out.  It's camp for big kids.

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Olimpos - Ancient city:  The town abounded from the 2nd century BC and was abandoned in the 3rd century AD.  Beautiful beach nearby.

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Nearby are the Chimaeras.  A cluster of spontaneous flame, which blaze, from the crevices on the rocky slopes of Mt. Olimpos.

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Space Bear Mountain Man:  Hippy dude who sold his necklaces on the beach (this is the actual name he gave us).  Gave us gifts of necklaces to express his sympathies to us a Americans (due to the attack).  Later had Bruce help rewrite his "manifesto" of sorts about war, peace, and whatever groovy thing he could think of.   He gave us a poem in Turkish as well, which has yet to be deciphered.  He says he is from Planet Earth.

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This is the dreaded Rooster!  Public sleeping enemy # 1.  He has followed Bruce around the world.  Curse him, there's a pot with his name on it!!!!

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  Bruce left his shoe in Fethiye only to realize it after 4 days on the gulet and about 200 miles away.  After a few phone calls and a couple of bus rides, the shoe returns back to our hero!  Hurray!

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