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Rebekah and Matt from Australia in Aswan, Egypt.

Nile River- Chris from Australia and Julian from France.

 Julia with Leoni (from Australia) in Athens, Greece

Paul, our friend from the US, in Greek Islands

Rose Mary with her honey and friend, Andrea and Bjoern (New Zealand, Australia & Germany) in Jordan.


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Bruce with the Circumciser & Medicine Man, Julia with a Maasai Warrior in Kenya.

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Maasai Mara Safari group, Julia with our guide, Peter, and Dutch Safari friend.

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Tao from Boston & Tuan from Denmark in Lagos, Portugal.


Jenni & Devin from Canada!  We were together in Kenya & Tanzania.  They taught us the sinful & very addictive card game of WIZARD!

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Zanzibar friends, Ali from Zanzibar & Vanessa from Australia.

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Sharon & Tony from USA who are teaching near Istanbul, Turkiye.

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Gohkan & Nurcan and Ismaal & Saadet from Istanbul, Turkiye.

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Our "Golden Bed Pension" Family in Kusadasi, Turkey. IMG_1100.JPG (30201 bytes)

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Zanzibar Island - Jenni and Devin with his family, the Cooks from Canada.

Daniel and Corvid a couple of cannoks from Vancouver.


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Space Bear Mountain Man in Olympos, Turkey.

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Jennifer and Bede, Leanne, Leoni from Australia.  Bridgette and Blocker from New Zealand on our boat cruise on the Med. around the coastline of southern Turkey.

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Our new Jordanian family, the Abushams!

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The "Camel trip into the Sahara desert" crew.


    IMG_0410.JPG (32367 bytes)  IMG_0414.JPG (34986 bytes)  IMG_0451.JPG (31054 bytes) Our host Janet, who we found via the internet.  We connected with her thru a free online program which allows people to offer to host travelers in their homes for free. ( ) Janet was a delight, picking us up from the airport, taking a day off of work to show us the island, hosting us in her beautiful home, and introducing us to her friends.  We introduced her to the vices of chocolate chip cookies and S'mores.


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Moroccan nomad guides with us in the Sahara Desert.  Tracy was the first friend of our big trip.  She was on month 11 of a trip around the world.  It was great to have a cool veteran to hang with to start the trip. Holly and Drew were our Aussie pals in Pompeii and Rome. Sherrie and Wayne our friends from the US met us in Marbella, Spain.  We later met Wayne's family in Jordan.


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The Bubber family gave us the grand hosting of Bombay, India for over a week!  Food, entertainment, a trip to their country home and even a few birthday parties.  Hospitality doesn't get any better than this.

Noam was my traveling Israeli companion throughout eastern Turkey.  He was a blast and knows how to tame the Turkish Dogs Our encounter with Ravi at the Red Fort in Delhi, India resulted in his kind gift of an umbrella hat to Julia.  Julia's always wanted an umbrella hat, now she got her wish.

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