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Bus Rides:  Smoking,  stinky people, 24 hour ride from hell in Egypt, haggling over 50 cents.  (Tanzania photos)136-3643_IMG.JPG (428021 bytes)

I bought a digital camera, now what do I do with these full disc?  Web site follies.

Vomit Ferry Rides:  Puking dude

Airlines:  Egypt Air Sucks

Exchanging money at the Cairo Airport.  None of the official exchange booths will buy back the Egyptian dollar.  These people make money from buying and selling money but the employees still won't take back the stinking pound.

Desert Highway Haggling

Laundry  139-3991_IMG.JPG (25223 bytes)  IMG_0075.jpg (24951 bytes)

jordan_hwy_stop.JPG (22441 bytes)  Left at "the bus stop" on Jordan's Desert Highway.  Thank goodness for the friendly driver who stopped and gave us a lift. 

Lost Christmas Gifts (thanks UPS and Malta postal service) 

Train Rides:  Let Julia off the train you Moroccan bastards (morocco Marrakech)

Visits to the hospitals:  Sickness and Injuries:  Hostel colon, dog bites, horse kicks, narcosis from Scuba diving, ear infections (Spain Seville photos)IMG_0174.jpg (16778 bytes)  IMG_0193.jpg (10489 bytes)

Bruce getting his gashed leg bandaged after the lead horse decided to mule kick him for getting too close to the front.

ouch.jpg (26170 bytes)

Way to much luggage 

Baksheesh?  (Cairo tomb photos, get info from lonely planet)IMG_1971.JPG (18011 bytes)

Hello, my friend, where are you from, may I pick your pockets?

We are now off to my Uncle's store (insert carpet, jewelry, papyrus, alabaster, etc) (Luxor shop, any carpet store)IMG_2303.JPG (21237 bytes)

Where can I find a toilet?

Hello operator, I would like to make a call. (Cairo)IMG_2069.JPG (12762 bytes)

What the **** is wrong with this debit card now?!!!

Trying to find a place to stay with running water and heat.

Freezing our off (Cappadocia).  Going from 80 F weather to 25 F and snowing in one day in Turkey with no winter clothes
 IMG_1290.JPG (16176 bytes) 

Trying to get a decent night sleep near a mosque and with roosters everywhere!  IMG_1286.JPG (22667 bytes)

Lariam Dreams!!!

Getting Ripped off and losing a shoe  found_my_shoe.JPG (22087 bytes)

Transportation woes.  Who's story is more full of bull ("it's a new gov't program")?  Which ferry co. to use?  Where is it?  Is it really the fast ferry?  Who to believe for directions. 

A good night sleep in a luxury accommodation ;-) 195-9560_IMG.JPG (37436 bytes)

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