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Your crack reporters have been Johnny on the spot scouring the world for the breaking stories on toilets.  We ask that anyone who has an interesting photo of a loo, will email us with the photo, which we will gladly give credit for.

Here are our latest and greatest updates from the top with India, Nepal, Tibet, and New Zealand.

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In Delhi, there has been a movement (pardon the pun) to get people to stop urinating on the sides of buildings, so outdoor urinals have been installed.  Click here for the entire collection of India toilets including the International Toilet Museum!

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Special addition, the Hundtertwasser Toilets of New Zealand Voted the # 1 Public Toilet in the World!

See Full Collection of New Zealand Toilets

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Click here for full selection of toilets of Nepal
207-0715_IMG.JPG (32220 bytes)  205-0546_IMG.JPG (35715 bytes)  108-0846_IMG.JPG (24417 bytes) Toilets of Tibet including exclusive shots at the Dalai Lama's Potala Palace

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Our first toilet photos feature the outdoor johns of Amsterdam.   Check out the guy on the far right photo, he's just standing right in the street while a festival goes on.  Those Dutch sure aren't shy.  Meanwhile, Julia isn't quite used to the fine art of European living yet.

IMG_1299.JPG (14708 bytes) typical squat toilet IMG_2361.JPG (6588 bytes)   Jordan

IMG_0255.JPG (24524 bytes)  urinalsign.jpg (15636 bytes)  IMG_0256.JPG (25084 bytes)  IMG_0215.JPG (21679 bytes)

Outdoor Juanny (that's Portuguese for Johnny for those like Julia who don't get it), in Lisbon, Portugal

IMG_0218.jpg (40106 bytes)  IMG_0219.jpg (46811 bytes)

Granada Spain has futuristic outdoor space toilets.  Beam me up Scotty.
Here is a standard Turkish toilet with a built in bidet squirter (as opposed to the European separate bidet.  Next photo is the Sultan's royal toilet from the palace.  (and you thought royalty didn't do such things)

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Public Toilets with the charm of Turkey

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The unearthed town of Herculaneum, near Pompeii, Italy.

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pottybruce.jpg (40203 bytes)  pottyus.jpg (32928 bytes)

Roman toilets of Ephesus, Turkey with central heating piped in hot water thru pipes underneath the stone seats.  The slaves were also required to have a seat ahead of time to warm up the thrown for the master.


egypt_toilet.JPG (10795 bytes)  IMG_2078.JPG (34555 bytes) Aswan, Egypt: this one is a hybrid of the Turkish toilet. It has the upside bowl squirter and the deluxe hand held nozzle for those really hard to reach areas.

Safari, Maasai Mara Kenya

airport_toilet_128-2858_IMG.JPG (19362 bytes)  airport_128-2857_IMG.JPG (16671 bytes)  camp_toilet_132-3211_IMG.JPG (33307 bytes)  132-3212_IMG.JPG (30147 bytes)  131-3156_IMG.JPG (19220 bytes)  132-3213_IMG.JPG (26424 bytes)

  toilets_inside_133-3334_IMG.JPG (34104 bytes)  more_toilets_133-3333_IMG_2.JPG (44897 bytes)  clean_toilets.JPG (13850 bytes)  toilets_and_urinals_133-3335_IMG.JPG (14019 bytes)  
Ride towards lake Nakuru, Kenya.  The funny thing is all of these signs are for the 1 bathroom.

toilet_kenya_train.JPG (218246 bytes)  on a train from Nairobi to Mombassa, Kenya.  (choo in Swahili means toilet) choo choo train, get it

A world class toilet photo right in the middle of the desert!!!!  (Bjorn, thanks for the lovely presentation). 

IMG_2414.JPG (18775 bytes)  IMG_2415.JPG (23760 bytes)  IMG_2416.JPG (17885 bytes)  jordan_desert_toilet.JPG (24713 bytes)


desert_hwy_toilet.JPG (17485 bytes)  IMG_2548.JPG (25318 bytes)  IMG_2564.JPG (14578 bytes)

Toilet with a View!  High on a pass on the Desert Highway in the country of Jordan


The sultan of Zanzibar had his private Persian style bath constructed in the countryside which he visited once a week while inspecting the spice crops.  Julia demonstrates the fine art of outdoor squat toilets.    145-4546_IMG.JPG (56793 bytes)  145-4549_IMG.JPG (23133 bytes)  145-4545_IMG.JPG (36317 bytes)  145-4543_IMG.JPG (10953 bytes)  145-4544_IMG.JPG (11376 bytes)


  palaceview2.jpg (37502 bytes)  noam3toilets.jpg (36255 bytes)  palaceview.jpg (26446 bytes) Dogubayzit, Far Eastern Turkey:  (Boarder town to get to Iran).  Ishak Pasa Sarayi (palace) has this space age phone booth toilet right outside the front gate of the palace (see photo on right).


  136-3696_IMG.JPG (17813 bytes)  136-3697_IMG.JPG (21180 bytes)  136-3698_IMG.JPG (23203 bytes)

The Sultan of Zanzibar's portable Water Closet.

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