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This quite possibly could be the 1st telephone ever used in Egypt.  It probably got a call from Alexander Graham Bell around 1901.  Unfortunately for us, this was the phone in our hotel (no joking).  This made our call to the US using an 800 number quite difficult (impossible).  Too bad once again Julia's debit card was suspended for being used in a different country.  I hope no one has been holding their breath for any calls from us overseas, it's always a bit tricky, but makes a good story.


The Citadel & Mosque of Mohammed Ali.
 (not the boxer)
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The Citadel was home to Egypt’s rulers for 700 years.

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Cairo views from Citadel.  Look closer to see The Great Pyramids on the horizon.


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If you think the Nile River is romantic, the poverty and garbage spewed along the side will make you rethink.  This is journey to buy silk carpets.  This is why you should just buy them from Julia.  So far, this is Julia's favorite carpet.  100 % pure silk, hand knotted made.  It makes people want to roll around naked on it.  The salesman gave us a demonstration of this.  (Anything to hawk a rug)


The city scene:  Bizarre, Bazaar, donkeys on the highway, people riding bicycles with baskets on their heads, sides of beef hanging in the butcher's window, car horns CONSTANTLY honking, cats & dogs sleeping with each other!  Total Mayhem!  Never a dull moment in Cairo. IMG_2020.JPG (32194 bytes)  IMG_1883.JPG (23859 bytes)  IMG_1882.JPG (26807 bytes)  IMG_1881.JPG (30859 bytes)  IMG_1850.JPG (15012 bytes)  IMG_1869.JPG (18261 bytes)
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Our helpful friend Medhat, (aka Casper) in Cairo.  He helped us around town each day.  Not one mugging reported.

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    IMG_1864.JPG (16411 bytes) The glamorous side of world of travel.  This is one nasty toilet we needed to use.  yuk!  For the world tour report on the toilet scene, click here

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