My World Tour:  Delhi, India

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5 Day Wedding  International Toilet Museum
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177-7748_IMG.JPG (48921 bytes)Delhi is a city in India that we had no interest in whatsoever.  177-7745_IMG.JPG (34343 bytes) Other travelers told us it was polluted, nothing to see and had the worst tourist touts.  All of this was true.  We only came to Delhi because we were invited to a 5 day wedding and to go to the International Toilet Museum for our pet project of  Toilets Around the World.  The temperature was 46 degrees Celsius (115 Fahrenheit).  It also was before the rainy season so the sky was polluted and a bit yellow.  Bruce got a lung infection from all of the pollution and had to see a doctor 3 times over a 2 week period.  It was one of the worst places to be stuck (next to Dar Salaam, Tanzania), due to the heat.  We could get out about 2 or 3 hours a day and were wiped out.  It really felt like we were sticking our heads inside of an oven to see if the dinner is cooked.  We were the dinner and our heads did get cooked.  Luckily we had a fantastic time at the wedding, and the toilet museum was truly an unique experience.   

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The Red Fort.  
A fun show we went to in Delhi.  I guess it was a little slow as we were the only people in the audience. 180-8073_IMG.JPG (22309 bytes)  180-8075_IMG.JPG (26331 bytes)  180-8081_IMG.JPG (23400 bytes)  180-8082_IMG.JPG (22368 bytes)
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Ye ha buckaroos, Julia is back home in Texas!
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Life in Old Delhi.  Check out the dude sleeping on the fruit cart.
181-8107_IMG.JPG (52541 bytes) This is another perfect moment in India Story.  At 5 in the morning I hear a radio blaring music outside our window.  After 20 minutes Bruce is getting pretty pissed off and thinks it some one partying.  He goes 4 floors down and out the front door looking to bust someone's radio for being an idiot backpacker.  He finds this old dude sitting in this little hole in the wall and his 20 year old, bandaged up tape player.  He gives the old dude the "shhhh" sound and puts his hands together to pray.  The old dude turns the radio down and puts his hand out for money.  Great scam.  Well, he was nice enough to turn it down, so on the way out 6 hours later, we gave him a few rupees and thanked him.

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