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Drive along the King's Highway south to north  from Petra to Mt. Nebo to the Dead Sea.

A fine mix of people on the trip:  Aussies, Kiwis, a German, and the 2 dopey Americans.


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Sometimes you can get a little crazy driving in a car thru the desert. 


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At Mt. Nebo, a memorial was created for Moses.  From the view point, Jerusalem can be seen.


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No trip to Jordan would be complete unless we hopped into the Dead Sea to float.  It is almost impossible to get your entire body under water.  Don't get it in your mouth, yuk!


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Traditional wedding   The Abu Shams family who gave us great hospitality & a big warm welcome to Amman.  They are the family of our friend, Wayne, who visited us in Spain.


desert_hwy_toilet.JPG (17485 bytes)  IMG_2558.JPG (19839 bytes)  Like this toilet with a view, check out our full selection HERE

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