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Bjorn, Julia, Andrea & Evan mesmerized by the candy. View of the borders of Egypt, Israel, and Jordan.
City of Aqaba.  Port town that borders with Egypt, Israel & Saudi Arabia.  
We took a ferry from Dahab, Egypt, on the Sinai peninsula to Aqaba. 


Wadi Rum - The movie “Lawrence of Arabia” was shot in the Wadi Rum.  The movie and location was based on the factual writings of  T. E. Lawrence and his book, “Seven Pillars of Wisdom”.  The native Bedouin people live here in the desert.  This page is a tribute to our traveling friend, Bjorn, from Germany.  He read the book and started his world journey around the travels of Lawrence.   Too bad the Lawrence movie was broken at the pension in Petra.

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The Wadi Rum was an hour drive into the desert from Aqaba, then another few hours spinning around in the sand.  We slept overnight in a partial cave.  The scenery of the desert was truly beautiful and stargazing at it's best.

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Along with Bjorn, we had a hoot of a time traveling with our Aussie mates, Andrea & Evan.  We met in Dahab, Egypt where they played a joke on already flustered Julia, convincing her that their half day snorkeling outing was really a 3 day trip.  "You mean all you brought are one bottle of water & a towel"? We traveled together all the way to Amman, Jordan.  Those Jokesters!  Just wait until we get to Australia!!!

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Our drivers took us out in the desert and with their limited English, said even less than they could.  It was up to us to just enjoy the beauty.  They left us on the highway (for dead) to catch a bus to Petra.


Way too many photos of the same location.  But it was a great shot and each one has a different person from the trip so they can each show mom themselves climbing something dangerous.

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Wadi Rum Dunes

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Shot of "Lawrence's Well" where he lived and drank.  Again, another photo for our friend Bjorn.  


Just good random photos of us going a bit crazy in the desert sun!

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Wall carvings from prehistoric times?  Or just a cruel joke played on the tourists as the locals sit behind the rocks laughing.

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A world class toilet photo right in the middle of the desert!!!!  (Bjorn, thanks for the lovely presentation.  Oh yeah, did you ever get your Christmas Cookies?)  Love toilet shots?  Click here for our collection.

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