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Granada is a cool town higher up in the mountains on the south east region.  It is a cool college town Bruce's sister studied Spanish this summer at.  Unfortunately, Julia was sick the entire time and we had a fun time going to the hospital for treatment and medication.  Socialized medicine is pretty good, only 1 hour to see a doctor, no fee, and three prescription medications only cost about $ 20 US dollars. 

It is an ancient muslim and Moorish city with cool windy streets with a cool castle at the top.  We mainly saw the inside of the hotel room playing backgammon until Julia got better.  Once again, the glamour of travel.

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Julia in her role of "Honey, I Shrunk the Tourist"   Founding members of the Spanish Micky Mouse Club


Another colection for the toilets around the world.  These are a bit space aged pay toilets. IMG_0218.jpg (40106 bytes)  IMG_0219.jpg (46811 bytes)

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