My World Tour -   Zanzibar Island, Tanzania:  Stone Town Part 1

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Stone town was the capital of Zanzibar, when it was an independent country.  Beautiful wooden doors are a trademark of the city.  Click here for more great doors.


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Stone Town is a typical Muslim town with the design of a labyrinth of narrow streets.  At any given time a bicycle or a motorcycle can come buzzing behind you.  Watch out.


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Former palace of the Sultan of Zanzibar, 1883.  In the last photo a description of the lack of conflict on the island between the majority of Muslims and the Christians.

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  136-3696_IMG.JPG (17813 bytes)  136-3697_IMG.JPG (21180 bytes)  136-3698_IMG.JPG (23203 bytes) The Sultan's portable Water Closet.  Like this?  We've got more, check out our toilets around the world and see the things that your mother would slap you for looking at.  Click Here

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