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January 17 - February 13, 2001
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Zanzibar Island lies of the east coast of Tanzania.  The lure of the "spice islands" is legendary.  From exotic Stone Town with its fascinating labyrinth of narrow streets, to palm fringed beaches and pristine coral reefs, the arpipalago is a complete change of pace from the mainland.

The Zanzibar archipelago is believed to have been inhabited for well over 2000 years.  Its earliest residents were most likely Bantu speaking people who made their way over from the mainland.  The islands had also been visited a very early date by traders and sailors from Arabia; there is evidence of Arabic trade relationships with various potions of the East African coast, possibly also including Zanzibar, as early as 700 BC.  Most Zanzibaris are Sunni Muslims.  Zanzibaris claiming direct descent from Omanis follow Ibadhism.  Christians comprise barely 1 % of the population.  There is also a small Hindu community.

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People of Zanzibar

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Stone Town

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Doors and Sunsets of Stone Town

Colobus Monkey Trip (with the monkeys)

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Spice Tour (without Scary Spice)

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Beach Living on Nungwi (spent 3 weeks here) 

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Sunsets of Nungwi 137-3713_IMG.JPG (21911 bytes) Swimming with Dolphins (minus the dolphins)

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